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UEERI: Malayalee Start-up in the Field of Preventive Genetic Test

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July 26, 2021

Malayalee startup based in Kakkanad has entered the field of preventive genetic testing which is very popular in developed countries. State Industries Minister P. Rajeev inaugurated the UEERI (Universal Eternal Energy Research Initiative) start-up, led by Deva Prashanth, who has been active in the healthcare and pharma sectors for the past 20 years. Launch of the UEERI Genome Genetic (DNA) Test Kit and Medical Report Format was also performed by P.Rajeev.

UEERI Chairman Deva Prashanth said that in the future, the highest potential and investment in healthcare will be in the field of preventive genetic testing. A genetic or DNA test called Ueeri’s Map My Health can predict the future risk of hundreds of diseases, including cancer, heart attack, stroke, and kidney disease, and take steps to prevent them. Anyone of any age can take this test. That too only once in a lifetime. The test results will give you a clear idea of all the possible lifestyle diseases in the future. This will allow doctors and patients to take the necessary precautions. In addition to the genetic test results, the company also offers online genetic counseling to provide guidance on how to prevent the disease.

It has secured technical collaboration with Map My Genome, the country’s leading molecular lab situated at Hyderabad. UEERI collects saliva for genetic testing. The test kit for saliva collection will be provided by the company directly or by courier services . The company also aims to have a Ueeri Experience Center network in all major cities for better customer service in the future. For more information you can contact the toll free number 1800 572 8705.