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Vocal for Local: Sassy Baegum Launches New Range of Sustainable Clothing

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July 11, 2020

To support Prime Minister Vision of #VocalforLocal, Sassy Baegum today launches a new range of Sustainable clothing. The campaign aims to construct a broad nationwide-awareness of self-sufficient India. The new range will not only be sustainable but also focus on uplifting the current mood of the youth. It is all about enlivening what one experiences on a regular basis. The range will capture the sustainable mundane stuff and give it a sassy twist.

On the launch of the new product range Sonam Ashok Kumar, Founder, Sassy Baegum said, “COVID-19 pandemic bringing about extraordinary tasks to the whole fashion industry. We are doing our part by supporting Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi vision of Local for Vocal, with our initiative we are insuring that all the materials we use are sustainable sourced or can be recycled. Meeting such an aspiring objective involves a new and progressive way of thinking: We are currently testing new businesses in refurbishment and sustainable fashion.”

“We are making sure nothing goes to waste, sustainable fashion is all about circular process. We design products using sustainable material; the product is then processed and reached to customer. Ultimately, we refurbish the product making sure it’s get back to the system completing the whole circular process,” Kumar further added.

We all need something that compliments and highlights our personality to help us stand out in the crowd. Sassy Baegum with its new clothing range is filling this gap. Boring is old and sass is new! The new range strongly supports company’s message of sustainable yet trendy fashion. The new range aims at elevating the sassy quotient in every one of us to keep up the dynamism we all deserve.