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Voye Homes Opens First Office in Kerala

In Business
November 23, 2022

Startup company Voye Homes opened its first office at Kinfra Techno Industrial Park in Kozhikode. Within two years, Voye Homes, which began operations in 2020, has established itself in over 11 destinations with 50-plus private holiday homes, and more than 268 villas and rooms. Voye Homes manages homestays and villas in partnership with corporate companies and celebrities. The inauguration was attended by popular actors Alina Padikkal and Mareena Michael, and vlogger Sabari Varkala. Voye Homes directors Rangarajan, Abdul Nasser, Anjali Vinod, Haseeb N. and executive director Vinod Balan were also present on the occasion.

“When Voye Homes began its operations, most people expected it to be a company that followed the same modus operandi as existing brands in the field. But we had a different take altogether. Our selection of villas and homestays were focused on providing guests every opportunity to enjoy their vacation while also ensuring that they got ample privacy. Our partners are offered the same consideration and services as our guests. So, those we associate with are more than happy to continue with us,” Vinod Balan said.

While Voye Homes continues to expand its presence, the company is now focused on offering premium vacation experiences to guests. By 2025, the KSUM-incubated startup foresees more than 1000 premium homestay villa owners coming on board as partners, providing a much-needed boost to tourism in India.