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Over 31% of Samples Tested Amongst Children in Kochi are Anaemic

In Health, Kochi
February 20, 2019

Anaemia or iron deficiency among children and infants in the city is an ongoing concern. As matter of fact, the first year of life and adolescence especially increases the chances of Anaemia.

A Data Analysis Study conducted by Metropolis Healthcare suggests that more than 31% children in Kochi within the age bracket of 0 – 20 years are found to be anaemic in nature. In the age bracket of 0 -10 years around 20 percent of children tested shown abnormal signs of hemoglobin levels and it further increased to 36 percent for children tested in the age bracket of 10 – 20 years.

Commenting on the study, Dr Ramesh Kumar, Chief of Laboratory Services, Metropolis Healthcare Kerala said, “It is important to consume foods rich in Iron. Vitamin C helps in absorption of Iron and should always be included in the diet. Another important thing to keep in mind is that tea and coffee interferes with the absorption of Iron and hence it is important to time your supplements well. Regular monitoring of hemoglobin levels will assure you that your child does not have anemia.”

The study found that the most common cause of Anaemia is the Iron Deficiency Anemia. At times, there could be other reasons for a child to suffer from Anemia and some of the conditions are inherited. Aplastic Anemia is when the bone marrow is unable to make enough RBCs, G6PD Deficiency (this enzyme protects RBCs from by-products of medication or disease). Other reasons for anemia could be thalassemia where RBCs are destroyed at a faster rate than they are produced. Sickle Cell Disease is where the shape of Hemoglobin is altered to a sickle shape. These cells are then unable to move freely in the body and hence leading to oxygen deprivation in body’s tissues and organs. New Born babies are also tested for G6PD deficiency and thalassemia is also screened.