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63% Indians Want To Replace Meat With Plant-Based Food

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January 15, 2019

As the country grapples with health-related issues such as diabetes, healthier food choices might be the flavour of the season with a poll showing that around 63 per cent Indians (now want) eat plant-based food in place of meat.

An Ipsos report ‘Food Habits of Indians: Ipsos Study’ observed that Indians are making informed choices, experimenting and moving away from norms.

“We know that Indians love their food and would drool for specialties like tandoori chicken, mutton and fish and their various non-vegetarian avatars. But 63 per cent of Indians polled say that are willing to eat a plant-based substitute for meat,” the report said.

The first of October is celebrated as World Vegetarian Day and the entire month is observed internationally as the month for spreading awareness on why you should take up a vegetarian diet. This World Vegetarian Day, be proud of vegetarianism and live longer and healthier with vegetarian food.

Vegetarian diet helps control BP
Eating more vegetables, fruits and other plant foods reduces the risk of high blood pressure, whereas intake of red meat raises the risk.

As per the report, 57 per cent of the people surveyed consume organic foods. “57 per cent Indians claim to be consuming organic food. In sharp contrast, the developed world is least likely to eat organic food – only 12 per cent of Brits and 13 per cent of Japanese, for instance,” it said.

Ipsos, an independent market research company, carried out the survey between August 24-September 7, 2018 in 29 countries. The sample size for the survey in India was 1,000, it said.