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Academic Collaboration: American Professor Visits CUSAT

In Education
March 27, 2019

Professor Randy Duran from Louisiana State University visited CUSAT and had discussions with the University authorities as part of forging collaboration with CUSAT and Kerala University under LSAMP-NICE programme funded by National Science Foundation.

The programme envisages student exchange according to which 100 under graduate students and 20 graduate students will visit CUSAT and Kerala University to carry out research work up to 6 months and one year respectively. A professor from each university will act as mentor.

At present seven countries namely South Africa, Brazil, Greenland, Panama, France, Saudi Arabia and China are members of the collaboration under this programme. The present initiative is for India to join the group. CUSAT. Registrar-in-charge Prof. K N Madhusoodanan said that the initial attempt will be to increase the interaction among mentors in all the member universities and to conduct an Indo-American workshop.