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Advent of Science and Technology Helps Lifestyle: A P M. Mohammed Hanish

In Education
December 15, 2018

The innovative ideas from the academic institute has aided the futuristic designs of the world which changed the life style of the humanity.

“The embedded computing and system designing helps in ease of operation, reduced cost of productivity and saves time”, said A P M Mohammed Hanish during the inaugural address of the Eighth International Symposium on Embedded Computing and System Design (ISED 2018) at the Seminar Complex, CUSAT.

“Our education system which is on the right path up to plus two level deviates from its goal as the students are not channelized to the right path of education due to lack of student counselling and proper co-ordination. Hence the education system does not get the apt persons for various subjects”, he added.

“By 2020 India will have the largest educated young population in the world and if they are not channelized properly through counselling and guidance, there is a threat of them ending up in terrorist activities which could be a menace for the peace of the world.”

Dr. R. Sasidharan, Vice Chancellor, during his presidential address reminded that the television, washing machine, fridge, phones etc. are the off springs of the embedded computing and system design. The symposium is jointly organized by Prof. Sandeep Shukla of I I T Kanpur and Dr. Bijoy A Jose of CUSAT. Vice Chancellor received the first copy of conference proceedings from Prof. Sandeep Shukla.
Dr. Supriya M H and Dr. Tripti Warrier spoke about an embedded challenge contest being held in association with NASSCOM and IEEE young professionals. Prof. Gerhard W Dueck of University of New Brunswick, Canada and Dr. Suresh Nair of SFO Technologies offered felicitations. In the upcoming sessions, there will be talks by Arvind Raju, (Senior Architect INTEL Corporation) and Dr. Ramakrishna of IBM research on Internet of Things and Block chain respectively.

Dr. Levin Gopal of Curtin University, Malaysia will speak on latest trends in embedded system. There will be a co-located workshop on Machine learning in association with Amazon Corporation. The conference is being funded by KSCSTE, CSIR, IEEE and Kerala Startup Mission.