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An Attentive Class is Better than a Crowded One: Nalapad Academy

In Education
March 05, 2021

Nalapad Academy, a National and International curricula school in the heart of Bangalore, is built with a vision to create a successful gen-next, well-equipped with technology and emotional intelligence along with academic expertise. Within a span of less than three years, Nalapad Academy has been recognised for excellence in co-curricular, curricular and overall incredible growth, by Times Education and Education World.

Nalapad Academy lays immense emphasis on co-curricular activities as they believe in grooming students with a holistic approach. Along with honing the students’ personalities, Nalapad Academy also ensures that the food and nutrition aspects are taken care of – with certified food and nutrition experts on board on their team, who help in chalking out meal plans for every week, filled out with delicious variety that promise the required nutrition.

Awarded as #1 in Co-curricular Activities by Education Today, Nalapad Academy’s primary focus, as mentioned earlier, is on a holistic learning environment, backed by the philosophy of ‘learning is fun’. Students have the advantage of an exposure to Archery, Skating, Squash, Chess, Robotics, Football turf, Swimming, Theatre, Music and Dance, among many other activities from very early on. They believe in the philosophy of providing students with plenty of opportunities and training them in each of the areas, that will help them not only recognise hidden talents, but also help those surface with confidence.

With Apple-smart classrooms, Nalapad Academy’s students are equipped with a technological edge – which actually helped them sail through the pandemic time with no difficulty of transition to digital learning at all. As much as it is about the technology, it is also about building resilience and prepping the students to face every single version of tomorrow.

Ranked #1 in Individual Attention Students in Bangalore by Education. Today, Nalapad Academy believes in quality education that is streamlined with focused learning. An attentive class is better than a crowded one, and so the leadership believes in maintaining the teacher child ratio to one that ensures that the two-way focus doesn’t fall prey to any sort of dissipation.

Nalapad Academy today is one of the most successful multi-curricula schools, that has shown prodigious growth with consistency in their delivery. To nurturing global citizens, with a hope for a better world!