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Aster MIMS Hospital & Skye Air Mobility Join Hands to Introduce Drone Delivery

In Health
June 07, 2022

ster DM Healthcare, India’s leading private healthcare service providers, has started drone delivery trials with Skye Air Mobility, a leading drone-technology-based logistics firm for transforming healthcare delivery landscape in India.

Recently, both the companies have joined hands to transport essential medicine and critical lab samples from Aster MIMS Hospital to Aster Mother Hospital Areekode through air using drones. According to the agreement, Aster DM Healthcare will leverage Skye Air’s drone technology for delivery of diagnostic samples and medicines initially in Calicut and further across Kerala.

This is very first time in Kerala, people shall witness live usage of drone technology in healthcare. Skye Air’s flagship product ‘Skye Ship One’ is being used for these trials. Skye Air will showcase the efficiency of drone technology to facilitate faster deliveries of medical and diagnostic samples. This partnership is expected to overcome the logistical barriers while reducing the turn-around-time.

Following the successful completion of the 5 days BVLOS trials, Skye Air targets to undertake approximately 50 flights, each carrying blood samples and medicines for Aster MIMS Hospital. The drone-led delivery system is executed through a designated Skye Air cold chain professional to first load the medicine and diagnostic sample in a temperature-controlled payload box. This payload box is then loaded in the drone which is then directed by drone pilots from the command center through a predetermined route to a fixed destination.

Commenting on the initiative Farhan Yasin, Regional Director, Aster Kerala and Oman Cluster said “The possibilities of modern technology are endless. It is important to make the best use of these possibilities. Drones are geneally used only for purposes such as shooting. In this scenario we think why this technology could not be used for the transfer of drugs and transfer of lab collections. It’s a revolutionary thought. We plan and implement this idea precisely. In the first phase of the experiment, a drone connection was established between Aster Mother Areekode and Aster Mims Calicut. If it turns out to be successful, our drones will be able to reach every home in our state in case of an emergency and execute such transfers effortlessly.

Commenting on the initiative Veneeth Purushotaman, Group Chief Information Officer, Aster DM Healthcare said “This collaboration is an onset to a complete digitization of healthcare in India. In Aster, we have been at the forefront of adopting digitization, technology and innovation into our core operations which is now essential to support patients as per their needs. This paradigm shift from the traditional workflow of the healthcare system to a digitized healthcare will streamline all our operations and ensure an efficient delivery system. We are thrilled to partner with Skye Air as we pave the way to successfully adopting cutting edge digital technology and innovative solutions to efficiently assist our core operations. With rapid digitalization of healthcare delivery systems, we will continue to invest more on improving our health equity in India and world over”

Commenting on the success of the BVLOS trial runs so far, Ankit Kumar, CEO, Skye Air Mobility said, “These trials aim to demonstrate a faster supply chain for sample collection by effectively using drone delivery technology. The technology illustrates the cost effectiveness and reduction in delivery time. Therefore, it acts as a case model on how the unmanned aerial systems could help hospital chains like Aster MIMS hospital better serve its patient’s needs and provide opportunities for network improvements that generate efficiencies thereby enabling it to grow its business. These trial runs will result in commercial rollouts in different locations for the healthcare service provider across India.”

Skye Air Mobility, a Drone Delivery logistics firm based in New Delhi is changing the face of logistics as it continues to achieve its key milestones cutting across diverse sectors such as healthcare, diagnostics, ecommerce, quick-commerce and Agri- commodity delivery. These trials by Skye Air & Aster MIMS Hospital runs will result in commercial rollouts in different locations for the healthcare service provider across India.