Hubble Captures Stunning Image of Star-forming Prawn Nebula

WASHINGTON:The Hubble Space Telescope has captured a stunning view of the Prawn Nebula floating through.

Germany To Declare South Africa A Covid Variant Area

BERLIN:Germany Declared South Africa a “virus Variant region” and banned all flights from South Africa.

Finland Tightens Restaurant, Border Covid Curbs

HELSINKI:In light of the worsening Covid-19 situation in Finland, several decisions on border health protection.

Homicide Rate For Canadian Indigenous Victims 7 Times Higher

OTTAWA:According to Statistics Canada, the homicide rate of Indigenous Victims was seven Times greater than.

Russia’s Security Chief Patrushev Arrives In Sri Lanka To Renew Moscow’s Love Affair With South Asia

COLOMBO:Russia’s Renewed defense cooperation with Sri Lanka will likely get an injection as Nikolay Patrushev,.

Romanian Prez Nominates Defence Minister as PM

BUCHAREST:Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has nominated Defence Minister Nicolae Ciuca to form a new government.

Aus Forces Deployed to Help Contain Covid Outbreak

DARWIN:Units of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) has been deployed in the Northern Territory (NT).

NZ to Move into New Covid Protection System on Dec 3

WELLINGTON:New Zealand will move into the new Covid-19 traffic light system on December 3, which.

Satellite for Tracking World’s Water to Launch in 2022

WASHINGTON:An international team of engineers and technicians has finished assembling a next-generation satellite that will.

Australians’ Fear of Covid-19 Infection Hits All-time High

CANBERRA:More Australians than ever think they will contract Covid-19 in the short-term future despite the.