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CUSAT Student Creates History in Publishing Reference Book

In Education
August 14, 2019

Stelbin Peter Figerez, an under graduate student at PS&RT Department of Polymer Science and Rubber Technology (PSRT) of Cochin University of Science and Technology has created history by publishing a scientific reference book on energy-storage lithium-ion batteries and nano science and technologies related to it.

Stelbin Peter Figerez is the lead author of the book titled ‘Graphene and Carbon Nanotube for Advanced Lithium Ion Batteries’. The book was prepared under the guidance of PS&RT Associate Professor Dr. Prashant Raghavan and it is considered as the first international reference book written by an undergraduate student. Taylor and Francis, CRC Press USA are the publishers, of the book.

The preface of the book is written by renowned scientist of the University of Texas, Prof. John Goodenough. The book explains the nano engineering technologies which help to create lithium-ion batteries used in lap tops and mobile phones, and how to operate it safely even in high temperature.

The book also throws light on the methods to fabricate novel nanoengineered electrode and electrolyte materials for high performance batteries which will help in the development of zero-carbon emission high speed electric vehicles and heavy automobiles. The book is now available in online sites like Amazon. (Ph: Dr. Prasanth Raghavan- 7907533273