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Drishti Commences Training of New Batch of Lifeguards

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June 21, 2017

Drishti Lifesaving, the state appointed lifeguarding agency recently put out a call inviting interested individuals interested in pursuing a career as a lifeguard.
From the 106 candidates who applied for the positions, a 42 (21 from North Goa and 21 from South Goa) passed the physically enduring test and have been selected to undergo a 45-day intense training boot-camp. The key requirement to be eligible for the programme was being able to swim 400 metres in under 14 minutes. The trials which were held at the SAG swimming pool at Campal was open to graduates in any field, boys anPicture 1 - Candidates during their 2nd week of the pool training session at Campal swimming pool in Panajid girls, between the ages of 18 to 30 years who are medically fit and able to swim 400 meters within 14 minutes. Additionally, the candidates’ credentials, background, physical and medical fitness were closely evaluated by the Drishti officials.
The candidates are currently in their first week of training under the watchful eyes of the trainers at Drishti. On successful completion of the course, the individuals will be inducted into the 600 strong lifeguard force which mans and patrol’s the coast of Goa.
Explained Lalit Negi, General Manager (Training), Drishti Lifesaving Pvt Ltd, “A thorough knowledge of the key skill sets are required to be a certified lifeguard with Drishti. We follow the course syllabus as recommended by the Special Rescue Training Academy (SRTA) accredited to IRIA (Canada). The skills needed include lifeguarding, knowledge of CPR and first aid, beach operations, Jet Ski operation, use of rescue tube, board and various rescue techniques in addition to leadership and soft skills. Most importantly the candidates need to be physically fit and be able to swim 400 metres in under 11 minutes.
Added Amit Shinde, a lifeguard trainer with Drishti for the last 8 years, “What is needed while lifeguarding at the coast is physical strength and fitness, proper techniques and training and the various equipment used. Also, mental stability is important to be able to take the right decisions at the crucial hour. We go through continuous training in all these aspects to ensure that Goa’s beaches are the safest beaches in India.”
The 42 shortlisted candidates are presently undergoing an intense seven-week rigorous training as per international standards at Drishti’s training facility. During the first three weeks of training the newly selected candidates will go through pool and classroom sessions. The pool sessions include 400 meters swim tests, endurance swim practices, stroke corrections, three and five meter jumps, underwater swimming, basic rescue tube and board skills among other activities. The classroom sessions include lectures on surf awareness, beach conditions, rips currents and sea hazards, beach patrolling, safety signs and flag systems, types of rescue equipment and their uses, first aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), AED and more. The lifeguards also have a session on communication soft skills considering they need to interact with the large number of visitors including tourists who make a bee-line for the beaches every day.
In the fourth and fifth week of training candidates will go through open sea and beach sessions which include physical exercises, sea swim practices, wading, duck dives, body surfing, rescue tube and board techniques, lifts, carry and transportation methods, crowd control, patrolling, communication with visitors, patient recovery and victim evacuation procedures. The final week of training will include Jet Ski familiarization where the candidates will be taught the basic craft of a Jet Ski, safety precautions, launch and retrieval and victim pick up methods among a few. During this week, the candidates will also be posted at popular beaches such as Baga in North Goa and Benaulim in South Goa under the supervision of senior lifeguards to get a hands-on experience of the job.