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EI Lab Metropolis Gets RTPCR Testing Approval in Kerala

In Health
December 23, 2020

EI Lab Metropolis, a leading and renowned diagnostic company, has been approved for Covid RT PCR testing in the state of Kerala. EI Lab previously was also approved for the TrueNat Technology. With the approval for RTPCR now, EI Lab Metropolis aims to serve more customers including the National and International passengers.

Metropolis Healthcare Ltd has more than 15 approved COVID labs in the country, the highest for any private chain and has been conducting thousands of tests everyday since the beginning of the pandemic.

RT PCR or reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction is a method that includes capturing specific genes from the extracted RNA from the sample. A small part of specific RNA is converted to DNA, and then it is amplified to a large amount through a series of chemical processes. The RT PCR tests for diagnosing COVID 1 9 remains the gold standard test across the globe.

Sharing his views on the same, Dr. Ramesh Kumar, Chief of Laboratory, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd said, “We are happy to have received the ICMR and NABL approval for COVID 19 testing through first for TrueNat and now for RTPCR testing. We aim to conduct as many tests as required in order to serve the patients in the state of Kerala.”

EI Lab Metropolis collection and testing lab situated at North Square Building, Paramara Road, Ernakulam North, Ernakulam – 682018. Contact for more details 73565 64333.