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File Adalath held at CUSAT

In Education
February 26, 2019

A File Adalath led by Kerala State Higher Education Department was inaugurated by Vice Chancellor Dr. R Sasidharan at CUSAT.

K Viswanathan, Assistant PS to Minister for Higher Education explained the circumstances that necessitated the conduct of such an adalath. He said that the complaints pertaining to Universities should be attended to in a time bound manner and the Vice Chancellors and Syndicate concerned should lead the process.

Of the 113 valid complaints registered in CUSAT, 29 complainants turned up and 7 complaints were registered on the spot. All together 36 complaints comprising students (10), teachers (21) and non teachers (5) were considered by the Adalath. Regarding the complaints related to financial assistance to students under E-grants, the Adalath directed the University to disburse benefits in the cases were government sanction have been obtained.

In the complaint regarding mistake in answer key, time bound action on the part of the University was directed by the Adalath. Regarding the complaint related to date of promotion filed by teachers, the adalath entrusted the syndicate to take a positive decision. The University was directed to consider the complaint related to pay hike of guest faculties.

The adalath related to University matters was led by Prof. P N Dileep, Additional P S to Minister for Higher Education, Assistant PS K Viswanathan, CUSAT Vice Chancellor Dr. R Sasidharan, Registrar Dr. K N Madhusoodanan, Finance Officer Dr. S Rajitha Kumar, Dr. S M Sunoj, Dr. Sasi Gopalan, both Syndicate Members and Co- ordinator K T Radhakrishnan. Simultaneously, the Adalath related to Technical Education Directorate was conducted at CUSAT which was led by Dr. V T Beena, Dr. Krishnakumar K, Assistant PS to Minister Ajithkumar N.