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Hairline International Launches SVF Treatment

In Health
November 24, 2022

Hairline International Hair & Skin Clinic, one of Bengaluru’s most sought-after clinics in the field of dermatology and trichology, has added the stromal vascular fraction (SVF) procedure to their already significant catalogue of treatments for skin and hair. Hairline is the first clinic to launch this procedure in India.

The stromal vascular fraction (SVF) procedure involves obtaining adipose tissue-derived stem cells from the patient’s own subcutaneous fat or the fat of the adipose tissue that is extracted during liposuction.

SVF has been garnering positive reviews due to the ease of procedure and safety. SVF is extracted from body parts that have excess fat, such as the abdomen, the buttocks, or thighs. The obtained solution, which is called lipoaspirate, is processed with a collagenase solution. It is then subjected to centrifugation to separate the SVF. Finally, the solution of SVF is administered to the patient. Besides demonstrating regenerative potential in damaged tissues or organs, SVF cells also help augment immunological tolerance and decrease ongoing inflammation.

Hairline International offers a combination of non-invasive treatments to treat a variety of conditions. It is committed to providing state-of-the-art regenerative treatments using highly effective non-surgical treatments.

“We are excited to introduce the stromal vascular fraction procedure at Hairline International. It is going to be a great help to our patients with skin and hair concerns. The treatment is autologous and it does not require complex surgical instruments. We believe this will be help our patients heal without any fear of side effects,” said Dr Dinesh G Gowda, Dermatosurgeon Hairline International Hair & Skin Clinic.

“We have seen a rise in patients with skin and hair concerns. SVF will be the ideal procedure for these patients. As the SVF is derived from the patient’s own stem cells, it has very little or no risks of bodily rejection. Administration of SVF rejuvenates the facial skin and improves its dermal architecture. The procedure also stimulates hair growth. We’re looking at SVF as something that will one day be a medical specialty of its own,” added Dr Dinesh.

The SVF is a procedure that is less time-consuming. It takes about 2 to 3 hours. Unlike most procedures, it does not require multiple sessions. The procedure primarily involves administration of anaesthesia, cell harvesting via lipoaspiration, cell processing to obtain SVF, injection of the SVF into the bloodstream or locally into the treated organ. Cells of the SVF are used immediately after harvesting. After the procedure, the patients are put on antibiotics for about three days. The patient can get back to their routine and perform their day-to-day tasks in three to four days.

Those aged between 19 and 60 can undergo the SVF treatment.