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Hibi Eden Campaigns in the Coastal Regions of the District

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March 28, 2019

Todays election campaign of UDF candidate commenced from Munambam Harbour. Both at Munambam main harbor and mini harbor the candidate was received by an enormous crowd of fishermen. After the interaction with the gathered, Hibi Eden headed to support the women protesters in Munambam Velaankanni against prohibition of alcohol. The protest was initiated by all the women residents of the region against the toddy shop amidst the village.

Later visited Pallipuram and Vypinkara and then to Kollathukadavu where he received a grand welcome. Visited Sahodaran Smarakam, sought support of the public and headed to Cherai.

The hectic election campaign started early today at 6.00 am. Hibi Eden visited Thiruvinamkunnu Devasom Nada, Cheruvaippu, Edavanakaad and Njarakkal. In Njarakkal he participated in Amritha Self-Help group assembly.

By afternoon visited Karumanoor Karippatti Devi temple festivities and left to the diseased Kadungaloor Panchayath Booth President Unnikrishnan’s house. Later that day the candidate reached Fort Kochi Catholic special school and interacted with the children.

Received prayers and blessings from Good Hope Relief Centre, Fort Kochi. On his visit to Dhobi Khana in Fort Kochi for the campaigning he was looked up with surprise by the French tourists who were visiting the place. Hibi conversed with the tourists and explained the elections in India to the tourists and went to Cochin Social Service Society. Later met the playback singer Afsal and sought support. Participated in Kochi Welfare Party meeting and interacted with the members and headed to Mattanchery where he received a vibrant welcome by hundreds of UDF workers.

Absolute Development should include all divisions of People: Hibi Eden

Hibi Eden envisions his development plans while speaking at Kotholingo Special School in Fort Kochi. He said all kinds and divisions of people should be able to reap the benefits of the plan, let it be construction of metro rail, transportation facilities, markets, tourist spots, educational institutions or any other project for that matter. Only if the policy can be equally helpful to the specially challenged people, transgenders etc it can be called an absolute development plan. Hibi Eden highlights that it is such kind of plans he intends to executive in the immediate future.

Recently Hibi Eden had contributed 1 crore from the MLA Fund for the construction of two floored school building in SRV School. One part of this building is dedicated to Specially challenged children where SSA BRC runs a Physiotherapy centre for the well-being of such children.