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Hibi Eden Declares Asset Worth 17.09 lakh

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April 02, 2019

UDF candidate, Hibi Eden filed his nomination papers today and declared movable assets worth 17.09 lakh and moveable asset of his spouse Anna Linda Eden was worth 14.03 lakh.

Hibi Eden also declared Immovable Assets worth 32 lakh while his wife has immovable assets worth 15.50 lakh according to the affidavit.

Self acquired asset of Hibi Eden was stated as ‘Nil’ and total value of the inherited asset was worth 32 lakh. Where as both self acquired and inherited asset of his wife was ‘Nil’. The candidate has a bank deposit of 15.06 Iakh in various banks in addition to 37.03 lakhs which is a joint account with Dr. Junaid Rahman for Saukhyam Charitable Trust. Bank deposit of his wife was declared as 18.10 lakh in multiple banks.

There are no outstanding loans for Hibi Eden, but his wife has an outstanding loan amount of 2 lakh towards gold loan. Hibi owns gold worth 23,000, wife owns gold worth 39.40 lakh and daughter Clara Anna Eden has gold worth 46,000. The candidate has an LIC policy for 15 lakh. His spouse has a LIC policy for 10 lakh and post office savings of 25,000.

Hibi Eden owns a Toyota Innova, 2011 model worth 6.26 lakhs. The candidate has seven cases pending against him for unlawful assembly causing traffic obstruction.

Insensitive Approach of Modi and Pinarayi Towards public: V M Sudheeran
PARAVOOR: Former KPCC president V M Sudheeran said that Narendra Modi and Pinarayi Vijayan are competing for being insensitive to the public. He was speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the election campaign of UDF Lok Sabha candidate Hibi Eden in Paravoor constituency.

GST and Demonetization has severely affected the life of common people. In addition, waived 3.5 lakh crores of corporate debt, neglected the constitutional institutions including Reserve bank etc. The strategy opted for dividing the nation in the name of religion by both of them are comparable. He pointed out the approach of state government in the Sabarimala issue.

In Kerala left movements including CPM operate as a B team of BJP. He added only Congress can resolve the fascist approach of BJP and double standards of CPM will be assessed by the public.

Paravoor constituency UDF Convener Augustin presided the event. MP KV Thomas, V D Satheesan MLA, KPCC Secretary Valsala Prannakumar, DCC President T J Vinod, K P Dhanapalan, K Babu, Ajay Tharayil, KSU State President Abhijith and more spoke at the event.

Constituency tour of Hibi Eden will begin on April 2nd in Vadakkekara, Puthanvelikkara, Chittatukara, Chendamangalam regions of Paravoor constituency.