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International Conference on Semigroups and Applications

In Education
December 07, 2019

Department of Mathematics of Cochin University of Science and Technology will organize an International Conference on Semigroups and Applications (ICSAA-2019) from 9 to 12 December at the Seminar Complex.

As active research is going on in the semigroup theory which is relatively younger branch of Mathematics, the conference aims to discuss and promote research activities in semigroup and related activities. Eminent Professors from world-famous institutions like Moscow State University, Russia, University of London, University of East Anglia, UK, University of Minho, Portugal, University of York, UK, University of Nebraska-Lincon, USA, , University of Bordeaux, France, University of Messina, Italy, IISC Bangalore etc. will address the conference in various
sessions. Besides an array of 18 presentations by young esearchers will adorn the conference.