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Jag Chima and Branch Warren Shares Mental Secrets to Physical Success

In Health
June 14, 2019

Hammer Strength Clinics in association with Physique Global organised a fitness event across major cities in India. Its 2019, and simply hitting the gym is not enough. In the fast-paced lives that we lead today, the fitness of the mind is as important as the body.

Jag Chima , CEO & Co-Founder Physique Global and Kris Gethin Gyms said “With right fitness education, our Indian trainers can be as good as international trainers, if not better. Our aim is to provide science backed education to all the trainers and masses of India. Health and fitness are not just about eating right and exercising to look and perform a certain way. Fitness is also about how we feel within, about whether we are able to manage our thoughts and emotions on a daily basis.”

He added “Hammer Strength Clinic is the perfect platform for professionals to build and strengthen their fitness knowledge from some of the top coaches around the world. Hammer Strength Clinic is one of its highly futuristic initiatives to get the ideas and techniques in strength and conditioning shared equally among the trainers of the world irrespective of their backgrounds”.

Branch Warren , IFBB Pro, Arnold Classic Winner Said “I thank physique global and Jag Chima for bringing me to India to share my journey and knowledge about the sport of bodybuilding. I am definitely looking forward to coming back very soon”

Sangram Chougule, Mr. Universe & Mr. World said” Not all bodybuilders are good coaches and not all coaches are good bodybuilders. Right fitness education and guidance is what is lacking in Indian Bodybuilding and is the main reason our athletes are not able to make an impact at global Bodybuilding stages. That is the purpose of Physique Global.”

Branch Warren set out on a solid and intense tour across 5 cities in India. The tour has been coordinated by Jag Chima a very avid and active health and fitness enthusiast, philanthropist, educator and entrepreneur in India. Jag Chima, Branch Warren and Indian bodybuilding icon Sangram Chougule set out for the huge mission of spreading the education of health, fitness, nutrition, and supplementation across 5 cities of India including Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Raipur and Bengaluru.

Hammer strength has collaborated with Physique Global to provide quality education on some of the most essential topics pertaining to fitness. The Hammer Strength clinics began in 1992, when strength and conditioning coaches were finding their footing in professional and college athletics.

Ravi, Fitness Trainer said ” This event like this are invaluable for sports coaching staff and fitness professionals alike allowing the community to share and learn new training techniques and philosophies.