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Kerala Model for the Whole Country: Swami Agnivesh

In Education
January 04, 2019

“Kerala is model for the entire country for the renaissance against the dark forces imposing discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, religion, etc.”, said renowned scholar and social activist Swami Agnivesh.

He was delivering the keynote address at the Renaissance protection programme organized at Cochin University of Science and Technology on Saturday. “A section of people living in 21st century are still behaving like they are in the 14 the century. In this context, Cochin University of Science and Technology and Vice Chancellor Dr. R Sasidharan are both performing their historic duty by convening such a meeting, and the message of this great renaissance movement will reach the farthest corners of the country”, he said.

“The basis of renaissance is reasoning rooted in scientific temper. Truth should always be accepted and falsehood should be rejected”, Swami Agnivesh said referring to the 4th principle of Aryasamaj. “It is the relentlessly asked questions that lead from ignorance to knowledge”, he added citing the examples of Issac Newton and Dayananda Saraswathy.

“God is all pervasive and is present in all individuals alike. As such, discrimination on any ground is injustice. Constitution is the shrine for the people of India. It is double standard to pass law against triple thalaq pursuant to Supreme Court verdict based on the Constitution and to question the verdict of the same Supreme Court on the women’s entry into Sabarimala”, Swami pointed out.

He appreciated the great effort of Kerala Government to stand for equality and against the dark forces exploiting and discriminating against women. He exhorted the people to join hands with the movement and treat January 1st as a day of celebration. CUSAT Vice Chancellor Dr. R. Sasidharan clarified in his presidential address that the women’s wall scheduled for January 1st assumes great importance in the backdrop of the fascist forces that destroy renaissance values gaining momentum. Former Vice Chancellor Dr. K Babu Joseph, Dr. M Leelavathi, Dr. Poornima Narayan, Syndicate Member, Dr. K Ajitha, HOD, Hindi, Dr. K Sreekumar and V.A Zakir Hussain participated in the meeting.