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Kerala Start-up to Create a Verification Culture for Supporting Common Man

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June 09, 2022

Sign Today, a Thiruvananthapuram based start-up verification agency, is all set to create a ‘verification culture’ across the country with the help of verification agents, a move intended to help the common man. The start-up will train 1.56 lakh young men and women from across the country to carry out an authentic verification, be it goods or services.

Unlike other agencies which mostly cater to employers and multinational companies, Sign Today will be grooming commoners, franchise and independent business owners to carry out authentic verification. The agency plans to make an agent ready for service in every post office in the country.

‘The classes will be offered free of cost, and following the training, the verification agencies will be functioning as an umbrella network’, said Russel Shan, Founder of Sign Today. “There is a pressing need now more than ever for background checks for goods or services. We will be ensuring that they are capable of doing the required verification. No matter whether one is recruiting for a particular post or buying products from an online store or even inking a business agreement, everyone must go through the process of verification,” he added.

Sign Today will deliver quick, same-day verification services, which is in contrast to the corporate world that takes about 45 days for verification. The company will post licensed verification agents across the country which will strengthen the gig economy. Sign Today will also help trained youngsters acquire a government licence and bank/GST accounts.

The verification will be carried out by franchisees in every state, gathering and disseminating proper deatils and coordinating background checks, criminal checks, financial checks, profile verification, and tenant verification of individuals and organisations. The company also looks to deploy a trainer in each of the 740 districts in the country.

“Following the training, the verification agencies under ‘Sign Today’ will be able to raise alarm against potential cyber fraud, distribution of pornography in any form or obscene comments on social media. Agencies will be available for anyone needing assistance to ensure secure online financial transactions. The agents will also bring the credit scores, including from agencies like CIBIL” Shan added.