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KIMSHEALTH Holds Global Meet on Fetal and Maternal Medicine

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February 21, 2022

A two-day high-level global conclave on Feto Maternal Medicine and the latest global advances in the domain, conducted by KIMSHEALTH, Trivandrum, has emphasised the criticality of specialised care for High-Risk mothers to avoid risks arising from complicated pregnancies.

Inaugurating the virtual conference, Dr M I Sahadulla, Chairman & Managing Director, KIMSHEALTH, said it is vitally important to provide specialised care, including multidisciplinary team approach, to High-Risk mothers. The conference, ‘FETOMAT 2022’, was organised by the Departments of High-Risk Pregnancy & Perinatology and Obstetrics and Gynaecology, KIMSHEALTH, Trivandrum.

The academic program was aimed at updating on the current practices relating to various aspects of Fetal and Maternal Medicine, including the management of complicated pregnancies and fetal disorders.

The eminent international and national faculties who made presentations and took part in the deliberations included Dr John Smoleniec, the Director of Fetal Maternal Unit, Liver pool Hospital, Sidney, Australia, Dr Jyotsna Acharya and Dr Madhavi Pureti from the UK.

Senior national faculties like Dr S Suresh, Dr Uma Ram, Dr V P Paily, Dr Tarakeswari Surapaneni also participated in deliberations that covered an entire gamut of topics relating to child and mother care and the latest advances in the area.

More than 250 doctors participated in the meet. The proceedings were led by Dr Vidyalekshmy R, Senior Consultant & Coordinator, Department of High-Risk Obstetrics. The organising team consisted of Dr Nina Navakumar, Dr Sajith Mohan, Dr Tazeen Khan, Dr Vijayalekshmi R, Dr Cinu A Nair, Dr Neeta Ravindranathan, Dr Rafeekha P and so on.