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Makkal Needhi Maiam Party President Challenges CM Of Tamil Nadu

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April 11, 2019


Makkal Needhi Maiam party President Kamal Haasan campaigned for MNM’s candidate for Coimbatore Parliamentary Constituency Dr R Mahendran, in Sulur.

While addressing the huge crowd gathered there, Haasan spoke about women safety and how that has been a major concern. He also asked the crowd how many people were paid to be there to listen to him and Dr R Mahendran. The crowd in return said, “No One!”

Haasan then openly challenged the Chief Minister of Thamizh Nadu by saying that the CM should try gathering a crowd like this without paying any money to them. He further said that the CM will never reply to this challenge.

“He is silent when our kids and women are getting raped and murdered then why would he talk now when I am challenging him.” he said. Haasan also said that those saying that the crowds are gathering because he is an actor should not forget that the two leaders of their party (AIADMK) were actors – MGR and Jayalalitha.

“What right do they have to question about actors?” he asked. He said that while he had answered about the allegations on him as an actor, people should answer the allegations made on the politician Kamal Haasan.