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NISH Plans Webinar on Learning Disability on Feb 16

In Education
February 13, 2019

The National Institute of Speech and Hearing (NISH) has planned an online seminar on identification and management of Learning Disability on February 16, in collaboration with the Directorate of Social Justice.

The online Interactive Disability Awareness Seminar (NIDAS) on “Implementation & Management of Learning Disability” will be led by Dr. Jamila K Warrier, Consultant Psychologist, Holistic Medicine, KIMS Hospital, Trivandrum. The proceedings of the webinar will be streamed live for the registered participants from the NISH campus at Akkulam here from 10.30 am. This is the 37th webinar organized by NISH.

The two-and-a-half hour webinar, to be conducted in Malayalam, aims at creating awareness on the causes, importance of early identification and intervention and the management and rehabilitation options for the children suffering from “Learning Disability.”

Learning Disability is a neurological problem which affects how a person receives & process information collected. Individuals with Learning Disability may have problems with reading, writing, picking up doing maths and sense of distance & directions. They understand things in a different way which makes everyday tasks difficult for them. They need to be helped to learn things in easier ways. Early identification and proper management is crucial in addressing Learning Disability

Those who are interested in the webinar may contact the nearest District Child Protection Units (DCPU) officer or register at http://nidas.nish.ac.in/be-a-participant/.

Registrants should have a personal computer/laptop/tablet along with reliable high-speed internet connectivity, webcam and microphone to take part in the discussions. Participants can also register via telephone, 04713066675, 9447257374, 04712596919, 04712596920. For more details, visit http://nidas.nish.ac.in/.