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S. Korea Grants Stay Extension Permits to 3,843 Ukrainians

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February 28, 2022

South Korea on Monday granted Ukrainians in the country stay extensions on humanitarian grounds in the wake of Russia’s invasion of the Eastern European nation, the Justice Ministry said.

The measure will apply to 3,843 registered Ukrainian nationals, and if they wish to remain in South Korea after the expiration of their stay, the government will issue them temporary stay permits and allow them to get jobs, Yonhap news agency reported citing South Korea’s Justice Ministry.

The government will also allow those whose stay period has already expired to leave the country after the situation stabilises.

In March of last year, South Korea granted similar stay extension permits to Myanmar nationals after the military coup in the Southeast Asian country.

South Korea also airlifted more than 390 Afghan co-workers and their family members in August last year under a military mission, as the evacuees faced possible Taliban retaliation for having supported foreign operations.

On Sunday, around 300 Ukrainians in South Korea and local supporters held a protest against Russia’s invasion in front of the Russian Embassy in Seoul. The Ukrainian community here plans to stage a rally every week until Moscow stops its military actions.