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South Korea Invites Indian Students for Higher Studies

In Education
October 25, 2017

This year, on the occasion of G-20, South Korean President Moon, Jae-in and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a bilateral meeting, discussing how to strengthen ‘Korea-India Special Strategic Partnership’ in all fields, especially in regards to economic cooperation, said Korean Consul General Kim Hyung -Tae at Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies as part of ‘Rajagiri In Pursuit of Excellence Lecture series’.
Along with rapid developments between the two countries, Kim Hyung-Tae , emphasised the importance of mutual understanding of each other by the people. Korean Consul General briefed on Korea’s geography, history, democracy, economy, culture and international contributions. Consul General showed several interesting cases of early connections, contemporary history of the two countries, the current
‘Korea-India Special Strategic Partnership’ and also Korea’s presence in South India. Currently, 330 Korean companies operate in South India. 5,000 Koreans stay in South India.
More Korean companies and Koreans are expected to enter South India in near future. This lecture ended with a strong hope that Korea and India will closely cooperate and prosper together as ‘Ideal Partners’ in the future.
Principal Dr. Binoy Joseph welcomed the distinguished guest. Dr. Manoj Mathew, Professor – HR, introduced the Rajagiri In Pursuit of Excellence Lecture Series to the guest and the audience and Prof. Jaedong Kang, Professor – Economics delivered the Vote of Thanks.
After the speech Consul General took special interest in meeting the Korean students now studying in Rajagiri campus. He also spent time with the Rajagiri students now preparing to go to South Korea for Study abroad programme and explained to them the wide scope of valuable experience that they will get by spending time in Korea and promised the business students all his support in getting internship opportunities in Multinational Companies in Korea.