Almost 70% of Heart Attacks Occurs Due to Lack of Timely Treatment

MUMBAI:The panel lists at Neuberg Diagnostics’ Panel discussion on ‘Hypertension and Heart Attack’, echoed the.

Eat More Plant-based Foods for Better Heart Health

NEW YORK: Eating more plant-based foods and fewer animal-based foods may be linked to better.

Insulin Tea Powder to Tackle Rising Incidence of Type-2 Diabetes

MUMBAI: Ayura Origins, a Gour Agro Products Pvt. Ltd brand, launched its first, indigenously developed.

Eating Blueberries Can Improve Heart Health

LONDON: Eating a cup of blueberries daily reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) by.

Eating Walnuts Daily Lowers Heart Disease Risk

NEW YORK: Eating a handful of walnuts daily may lower the risk of developing cardiovascular.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption Linked with High Blood Pressure

A study of more than 17,000 U.S. adults shows that moderate alcohol consumption—seven to 13.

Sonali Kulkarni Supports Madhavbaug’s Hriday Sangini Initiative

MUMBAI: In India, women are considered a symbol of caregiving and sacrifice. They are expected.

Here Comes ‘Stair Snacking’ to Improve Heart Health

For people who find it difficult to take out extra time for physical activity after.

Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai Encourages Patients to Take Care of Heart Health

NAVI MUMBAI: On the occasion of World Heart Day celebrated world over on the 29th.

Walnut Intake Lowers Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: Says Study

A new epidemiological study suggests that those who consume walnuts may have about half the.