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Sonali Kulkarni Supports Madhavbaug’s Hriday Sangini Initiative

In Health
March 02, 2019

In India, women are considered a symbol of caregiving and sacrifice. They are expected to perform every duty flawlessly such as taking care of their family and excelling in the professional sphere.

Women often end up juggling these responsibilities at the cost of their own health. According to the World Heart Federation, cardiovascular diseases are the number one killer of women globally.

As woman’s day is around the corner, Madhavbaug is launching the Hriday Sangini programme to spread awareness about the importance of heart health among women, especially those who are past menopause. There is a misconception that heart diseases occur predominantly in males, but research has shown that post-menopausal women are equally at risk as men of the same age.

The objective of the Hriday Sangini programme is to dispel such myths and empower women to fight heart disease together. The programme also includes comprehensive health check-ups for women at a heavily discounted price. Hriday Sangini will be an ongoing year-long programme that will extend till March 2020. Actor Sonali Kulkarni has partnered with Madhavbaug to help bring attention to this cause.

Furthermore, Indian women are genetically predisposed to develop coronary artery disease early in their lives. After menopause, women experience a decline in their oestrogen level, which increases their cardiovascular risk even more. Due to a general lack of awareness about the importance of heart health and the symptoms associated with cardiovascular diseases, most women do not get regularly screened to check their risk of developing these diseases. The good news is that most cardiovascular diseases are preventable.

Dr. Rohit Madhav Sane, CEO of Madhavbaug says, “Over the last century, heart diseases have become the number one global killer. Despite the tremendous advances made in cardiac care, including drugs, devices and diagnostic innovation; many patients continue to die from heart diseases or live with significant morbidity. Madhavbaug has understood the need of the hour and is now completely focused on researching, innovating and implementing heart remedies and also to extend preventive strategies to control the risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, smoking, stress and obesity.”

To ensure that women are able to identify the risk to their heart before they decide to pursue any course of action, Madhavbaug has launched its specialized Woman Heart Health Meter, an online assessment tool to determine the risk factors for their heart. As part of the initiative Madhavbaug is offering a complete annual care plan for women that includes a designated health coach, regular check-ups, diet consultations, exercise consultations, stress management support, disease reversal workshops among others.