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Vedhik eSchools to Launch AI Driven Multi-teacher Learning Platform

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December 01, 2022

Vedhik eSchools announces its innovative scheme to ensure a world-class learning experience for all students and schools across the country. The full-fledged Vedhik eSchools learning platform will be launched on 7th December 2022, and will be available for all schools at an affordable cost. This ambitious scheme aims to create equal opportunities for all students by eliminating inequality and providing high-quality education for everyone.

A key feature of Vedhik eSchools is the multiple teacher experience, which provides an opportunity to learn the same lessons from a selection of multiple teachers based on student preference. It enables schools to rise to excellence since the content is designed as per the national school accreditation standards.

The course is conducted by veteran professionals including former Chief Secretaries and DGPs, former Vice Chancellors, and IT experts. It provides students a unique opportunity to learn from the best teachers in the country on a single platform.

Vedhik eSchools is the E-version of a premium model school. eSchools overcome the limitations and restrictions of a conventional schooling methodology.
Dual schooling, home schooling, personalized learning and hybrid learning are integrated here.
With 24/7 virtual support, students also enjoy a teacher guided experience after school hours.

The Vedhik eSchools platform will be made available to all schools and will be white labeled with their branding.
Along with a loaded curriculum, the platform will also have many ancillary services like Entrance Coaching, Civil Services Training, Skill Development and Language enhancement.

Vedhik eSchool also comprises an Aptitude Zone for understanding the aptitude of children, a subject zone for subject studies, an exam zone for competitive exams and mock exams, Language Zone, Career Zone, Soft Skill Development Zone, and Arts & Sports Zone. A language lab and digital library are also provided.

These elements are immensely helpful in ensuring higher grades in the school accreditation process. Typically it’s not easy for schools to provide such full-fledged facilities and a wholistic learning experience. Also for students, to combine and avail these facilities from different places is not that pragmatic. And the cost will be too much to bear. Vedhik eSchools offers all of this to students at affordable fees and on a centralized platform.

The platform is designed to be beneficial for Schools, Teachers, Students, and Parents alike. It provides a comprehensive solution for numerous queries of students, exams and competitive examinations. Parents can assess their children’s performance leveraging the platform. This ambitious scheme aims to create equal opportunities for all students by eliminating inequality and providing free, high-quality education for all students in the country. It will enable even average grade students to crack premium competitive examinations such as NEET, JEE and secure great achievements. It also helps students to succeed in niche tests including IELTS. The platform is also envisaged as a multi-tution platform that facilitates advanced tution for students of classes 8 to 12 for all subjects. Thus Vedhik eSchool will make the students self-sufficient so that they don’t require any additional tution classes. The platform will be made available initially in selected Schools.

Vedhik eSchools is promoted by Vedhik IAS Academy in association with iLearning Engines, an award-winning enterprise with headquarters in the USA. iLearningEngines is the world leader in learning automation. It has been ranked by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America, consistently featuring in the top 20 since 2017. Using proprietary learning automation tools and AI, iLearningEngines helps organizations and educational institutions drive critical outcomes. iLearningEngines is now redefining next – generation learning in India by partnering with thought leaders and pioneers in the education field. Vedhik IAS Academy is India’s largest Online Civil Services Coaching Institute. Samkalp Vedhik IAS Academy has a track record of the highest number of successful students in Civil Services Examinations in India.

Inauguration of Vedhik eSchool will be held on 7th December at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Kochi.

Balakrishnan A P, President, iLearning Engines, Denny Thomas Vattakunnel, Chairman, Vedhik IAS Academy, Dr. Babu Sebastian, Chancellor, Vedhik IAS Academy, and James Mattam, CEO, Vedhik IAS Academy took part in the press meet to brief about the inauguration.