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Biennale Music: Cochin Harisree Singers Jyothish and Joys Render Soulful Music

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July 12, 2017

Jyothish Babu, the lead singer of music troupe Cochin Harisree, held the crowd at the Government General Hospital here in raptures as he dished out a soulful rendition of ‘Kasthoori Manakkunnallokaate’, an evergreen melody replete with sprightly emotions, this morning at the weekly ‘Arts and Medicine’ programme.
Jyothish Babu’s song was followed by his co-singer at Cochin Harisree, Joys George, rendering a meticulous rendition of ‘Moham Kondu Njaan’, originally sung by S Janaki from the 1983 movie Shesham Kaazhchayil.
Jyothish, a professional singer from Muppathadom, Aluva has over twelve years’ experience as a professional musician and eight years in Cochin Harisree, a mimics, drama and Ganamela troupe. He has marked his presence in leading TV channels like Amrita Tv, Kairali, Janam and Asianet.
Both the lead singers have sung in two Malayalam movies each and are active singers at Cochin Harisree.
“Bringing out the best in one for the delight of others is the best that you can offer in terms of music. If it happens on an open stage like this, it is even more rewarding”, Jyothish said at the programme, an initiative of the Kochi Biennale Foundation.
Kalyani Vinod Ravivarman, a fifth grade student at the Primes school, Dubai who was a guest at the programme, joined the lead singers to entertain the crowd with three songs, ‘Thane Thirinjum’, ‘Naino Me Badra’ and ‘Chirikkumbol Koodechirikkan’, lifting the mood of the patients, bystanders and medical staff at the Ernakulam hospital and evoking instant applause from the audience.
The lawns of the hospital where the programme is held every Wednesday saw an enthusiastic crowd clamouring for more songs and the singers obliged them with gusto.
The 178th episode of the programme had a medley of thirteen songs and concluded with a duet by Jyothish and Joys, ‘Ponveene Ennullil Maunam’ from the super hit movie Thalavattom and originally sung by M G Sreekumar and K S Chitra. The duets ‘Thara Padham’ and ‘Malare Mauname’ were among the other melodies that evoked applause from the crowd.
‘Arts and Medicine’ is an initiative of the Kochi Biennale Foundation in association with Mehboob Memorial Orchestra and sponsored by CAFS (Casino Air Caterers & Flight Services), which aims to provide solace to patients through therapeutic music.