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CISSA Urja Kiran 2018-19 Energy Conservation Awareness Programme

In Environment, Trivandrum
March 27, 2019

The new Parassala Block Panchayat building will operate completely on solar energy, and the excess amount of energy will be offered to the grid, said V R Salooja, President, Block Panchayat, Parassala. Local self-governed institutions should set an example to the public by taking up similar energy conservation activities, she added.

V R Salooja was talking after inaugurating the Energy Conservation Awareness Programme – Urja Kiran 2018-19 at the Parassala Constituency, organised by the city-based Centre for Innovation in Science & Social Action (CISSA), at the Jaya Mahesh Auditorium, Parassala. The programme was held in association with Energy Management Centre, Kerala (EMC) and the Centre for Environment & Development (CED).

The awareness programme on Energy Efficiency and Conservation was presided over by Dr. C Sureshkumar, General Secretary, CISSA. Suresh Babu B. V, Accredited Energy Auditor, VBEE, Govt. of India, and Aneesh Rajendran, Energy Technologist, EMC, Kerala, led the technical sessions. Prema M N welcomed the gathering, while Mahadevi Amma delivered the vote of thanks.