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Kerala to Host Maha Kubera Yagam for the First Time in 700 Years

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February 25, 2022

When the dreary Covid-19 episodes rattle crores of lives worldwide, a phenomenally propitious rare Yagam is expected to bring prosperity to multitudes at a sleepy village in picturesque Palakkad on the lap of God’s Own Country.

The first-ever Maha Kubera Yagam to be held in 700 years will grace Kuberapuri, Chalavara, Palakkad from April 17 to 23, 2022, to bring riches to the participants and witnesses, wiping out the misery that the pandemic has brought in with lockdowns, travel restrictions, closure of businesses and job losses. In a nutshell, it aims to bring Global Economic Peace invoking the mantra ‘Discover Artha, Reinvent Life.’ Renowned Vaidik and a living legend Cherumukku Vallabhan Akkithiripad who has performed both Soma Yaga and Athirathram will lead the Maha Kubera Yagam.

The Kubera Temple of Economics at Chalavara near Shoranur, which is the only temple in Kerala where Kubera, the Lord of Riches, is worshiped, will play host to the Yagam. The temple was opened to the public by Sachidananda Bharathi, the pontiff of Edaneer Math, Kasaragod, on November 1, 2021. Hordes of devotees passing through rough patches in life throng the temple seeking the blessings of the Lord of Riches for prosperity in their lives. The temple has three more deities: Lakshmi Vinayaka, Goddess Kanakadhara (Mahalakshmi), and Lord Rajagopala (Lord Krishna), apart from Lord Kubera, the presiding deity. The Kubera Temple is a school of financial discipline, and a place of worship rolled into one.

Lakshmi Vinayaka at the temple leads the devotee to the path of prosperity, Mahalakshmi facilitates the flow of wealth, Krishna as Rajagopala guides the devotee in the path of righteousness and Kubera showers riches. The life-size idols of Mahalakshmi and Sri Krishna are made from panchaloha, an alloy of five metals.

As the King of Yakshas (celestial spirits), Kubera is considered the Lord and Master of Earth, mountains, minerals, and jewels beneath Earth. Kubera, the icon of wealth in all oriental philosophies, including Buddhist and Jaina traditions, is indispensable for the growth of unlimited wealth and resources.

As it follows the rituals and tantric practices laid down in the Vedas, Upanishads, and Sashtras, the temple preaches to the devotees that worship alone does not lead to the path of prosperity. Jithin Jayakrishnan, the Kubera Temple trustee, says that to become prosperous, one needs to eliminate any guilty consciousness associated with wealth creation. “Wealth creation is not a sinful exercise. No religion wants you to renounce wealth,” he categorically states. “Have financial discipline and create wealth in the right way. Then you automatically help others also to prosper,” is the maxim that the temple preaches.

“Kubera temple stands out because it is the place where spirituality and materialism seamlessly merge,” says Jithin Jayakrishnan. The most important ritual at the temple is the Dhana Vahini Pooja, conducted on Fridays. With its golden epoxy flooring and gold wall claddings, the temple creates an air of prosperity and instills confidence in the mind of the devotees.

One can attend the Maha Kubera Yagam, organised by the Sri Lord Kubera Trust, physically or online and get a prasadam containing a Nidhi Kumbham (a miniature replica of the one Lord Kubera keeps with him as the custodian of wealth & prosperity). The devotee will get a Divine Yantra with Sangunidhi, and Padmanidhi inscribed on it, which brings wealth and prosperity to the person and family. They will also get a divine coin powered with the pooja at the blessed feet of Lord Kubera apart from the Vibhoothi Prasada after the poojas held in one’s name and birth star at the feet of Lord Kubera. The Kubera Mantra will also be imparted to the devotee apart from the advice on the correct position and direction to worship Kubera.

“Each individual has a Paradevatha (Primordial Mother Goddess), and we will tell everyone attending the Yagam online and offline who is their Paradevatha for offering prayers and receiving blessings in the future. All human beings in the universe are created from Panchabhutha. Each individual is the creation of one Panchabhutha. We will tell the devotee which Panchabhutha has created him or her. This will be advantageous for them to lead a healthy and peaceful life,” said Jithin Jayakrishnan.

The concept of Yagas is “Swarga Kamo Yajetaa”. It means the Yagas purify the soul through the holy fire leading to the attainment of Moksha. “Maha Kubera Yagam, however, is centered on the second of the four Purusharthas, which is Artha. The concept of this Yagam is ‘Vitta Kaamo Yajetaa.’ It aims at elevating a person socially and economically. It charts out the best possible life for their family, village, or nation as a whole,” said Jithin Jayakrishnan.

The Yaga Yajamana (Master of the Yagam) Cherumukku Vallabhan Akkithiripad learnt Rigveda Samhitha and Jataradha under the guidance of Ezhikode Parameswaran Namboothiri who was the Othikkan (Vedic Acharya) of Cherumukku. He divinely performed as the Hothran, the most important Rithwik in Rig Veda, for one year in Kundoor Athirathram and offered Hothram. He was the Rig Veda Acharya of five Athirathrams including Yajamana in Kundoor Athirathram in 1990, and is now active in the Vedic Science arena.

“We feel that a spiritual awakening for Global Economic Peace is the right antidote for people hit by pandemics and other deprivations. Science and spirituality seamlessly merge here to explore the metaphysics of wealth creation. Holistic human metaphysics reignite subtle secrets of wealth generation from the past here. Therefore, we call upon people from all over the world to experience the divine grace emanating from the Yaga Bhoomi by attending it in person. Be a witness as the alchemy of wealth creation is rekindled by our experts after a gap of 700 years which is a rare experience and opportunity of a lifetime. We are also making arrangements for people from across the world to attend the event online,” said Jithin Jayakrishnan.

“The ancient Hindu wisdom Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu (let the universe be prosperous and contented) is the primary inspiration for Maha Kubera Yagam. The world is now at the cusp of possibilities for prosperity, and the invocation through this Yagam will propel each participating individual to their goals,” said Jithin Jayakrishnan.