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Pâtisserie Demonstration Workshop for Students at VMSIIHE

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December 05, 2019


Pastry chef Frédéric Deshayes from the famed Le Cordon Bleu in Paris hosted a special workshop for the students of VMSIIHE at the institute in Raia. A large number of students and faculty attended the workshop.

Chef Frédéric Deshayes is from Île-de-France whose skills made him shine in both cuisine and pastry. He has worked in Belgium, South Korea, Japan and Singapore and eventually returned to France. He currently works for Le Cordon Bleu as a Chef Instructor in Paris, France.

The Chef briefed the students on what they were to prepare ie. Tresor Exotique and Bonbon Moulés Mangue et Épices. The former pastry features Coconut Dacquoise, Pastry Cream, Coconut Mousseline and Tropical Garnish while the latter is a spiced mango and chocolate candy.

Chef Frédéric Deshayes demonstrated both the recipes while also answering student’s queries in the demo Kitchen. After lunch, students were asked to recreate the items in the institute’s bakery laboratory. Students were divided into groups of four and the young chefs did a wonderful job with the help of Chef Deshayes and Chef Rodwin Rodrigues, a faculty at the institute. The primary purpose of his workshop was to induce interest in the subject of desserts.

The workshop was also attended by Chef Monish and Chef Steffi from Radisson Blue-Cavelossim, Chef Pulak Roy from Marriott-Goa and Chef Shitiz from Planet Hollywood-Goa. The students were awarded with certificates and the day ended with a delicious and tasting of Tresor Exotique and Bonbon Moulés Mangue et Épices desserts.