Biden’s Shift on F-16s for Ukraine Came after Months of Internal Debate

WASHINGTON:President Joe Biden’s decision to allow allies to train Ukrainian forces on how to operate.

GTech Provides Opportunities for Kerala IT Entrepreneurs in the USA

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:Group of Technology Companies, creating opportunities for Kerala IT entrepreneurs in USA. The GTech has.

US State Republicans Bans Trans Lawmaker for Rest of Legislative Session

WASHINGTON:The Republican-majority House of Representatives in Montana has barred Zooey Zephyr, the first openly transgender.

Indians Among 8 Migrants Found Dead Near US-Canada Border

OTTAWA:Eight people including two children were found dead in a marsh near the Canada-US border.

US Shoots Down Fourth Airborne Object

WASHINGTON:The United States on Sunday shot down another unidentified airborne object in its airspace, a.

US Announces Measures to Crack Down on Illegal Immigration

WASHINGTON:The US government has announced new measures to crack down on illegal immigration. The measures.

‘Once-in-a-generation’ Storm in US May Disrupt Holiday Travel

WASHINGTON:A powerful “once-in-a-generation” winter storm in the US that has brought with it crippling snow.

US Announces Plan to Address Homelessness Amid Crisis in Cities

WASHINGTON:The US administration has announced a plan to reduce homelessness 25 per cent by 2025..

“India Won’t Be US Ally, Will Be Another Great Power”: White House Official

WASHINGTON:India, which has a unique strategic character, will not be an ally of the US,.

US Orders 24 Russian Diplomats to Leave by Sept 3: Russian Ambassador

WASHINGTON:The Russian ambassador to the United States said that Washington had asked 24 Russian diplomats.