WhatsApp to support voicemail,call back, and ZIP file sharing

In Technology Updates
April 29, 2016



Adding new features to the already existing one this time the WhatsApp possessed by Facebook is introducing supporting features like voicemail,call back,and ZIP file sharing.

As per PhoneRadar’s reports WhatsApp for iOS and Android is going to attain a “Call Back”that will show notifications of any missed call along with a call back button.This helps its users to dial back without opening WhatsApp.

They are also going to include voicemail features for iOS devices. Now we can “Record Voice Mail” and “Send Voice Mail” this helps the users to send a voice mail during a call itself.And this voicemail fesility also helps to record and share in-call audio.

Added to this tey can share Zip files also.Till now they only supported PDF, VCF, DOCX and DOCS. All these features are expected to be in the next version.

– Compiled by Megha Rajesh