Serendipity Arts Festival – Goa 2017 – Continues to Inspire and Spark Passion

If India’s put one show on display on a world stage, it’s the Serendipity Arts Festival Goa 2017 that defines all art forms interlaced with passionate fervor and extraordinary flair. Today, is another continuum of the brilliant show stopping powerfully gifted performances that attracted foodies, audiophiles from all walks of life and culinary cultural cults, who tasted the flavors of Goa’s very best and came back for more.
Speaking on occasion Smriti Ramgarhia, Director, Serendipity Arts Festival Goa 2017 said, “The SAF-Goa 2017 has sparked artists across the country and rejuvenated their need to revisit the deep cultural and culinary heritage of India and relook at presenting the traditional and modern arts on a stage which is being watched by the world. It also showcases the intricate and immersive diversity of Indian arts, crafts and culture.”
The Serendipity Arts Festival Goa 2017 powered by TCS has beguiled guests, media and dignitaries with stories from every corner of the sub-continent and reinstated our bequest of the rich cultural diversity that define India. The highlights of Day 5 brought much awaited performances that stole the hearts of many and sparked the need to revisit the culinary arts and performing arts genres that have been rejuvenated by Serendipity Arts Festival -Goa 2017.
Dhamaal – that was being showcased at DB Grounds – a curated performance by project curator Aneesh Pradhan and co-created by Shubha Mudgal, an artist known across the globe for her divine vocals and grace. The performance showcases a fusion of folk drummers from different part of India and varied forms of musicians of the likes of guitarists, vocalists, and percussionists, who have come together to entertain guests with a perfect blend of rhythmic dance sequences. A perfectly woven performance with a rich assortment of India’s musical cultures.
About the Elephant – took place at Kala Academy – curated by India’s renowned and revered choreographer Tanusree Shankar. The performance displays the exploration of the interplays between the contrasting styles of dance. It delves into the multiple facets of the higher power that be and the awareness and control of the information fed to us. It brings out the contrasting perceptions of truth and reality. Playfully provoking the audiences to analyze and search for clarity within our society.
UNSUNG – Celebrating the Extraordinary Grandeur of Smallness – that took place at the PWD Complex Exhibition venue. Curated by Mahesh Bhat and Dinesh Khanna, an established curator of performing arts has woven an inspiring exhibition on real stories of real heroes of India. It celebrates the lives of moments captured in time about the people of India. It illustrates the contributions of various people in society.
Cheese Traditions of India, The Old and the New – being showcased at the Old GMC – a delectable journey through India’s diary traditions. Curated by Aditya Raghavan, who walks the audiences through India’s history and close relationship with paneer, and yoghurt, and a culinary jaunt on Bengal and Kashmir’s artisanal cheese stories. The show, that was primarily a workshop seminar taught partakers about the world of Indian cheeses.
Serendipity Arts Festival – Goa 2017 also has been responsible for putting India on the world map for performing culinary cultural arts. This initiative is a personal passion of the patronage of Munjal, who has been involved personally in curating the SAF-Goa 2017.This year is all about scale and pushing boundaries – SAF 17, will be experimenting with site, form and display. Along with a line-up of scintillating programming spanning music, dance, theatre, visual arts, and culinary arts, this year’s edition is an unmissable spectacle of epic proportions.
SAF 17will feature projects curated by some of the leading names in their respective fields: Dinesh Khanna and Prashant Panjiar (Photography), Ranjit Hoskote and Riyas Komu (Visual Arts), Manu Chandra and Odette Mascarenhas (Culinary Arts), Sanjeev Bhargava and Tanushree Shankar (Dance), Lillete Dubey and Anuradha Kapur (Theatre) and Shubha Mudgal and Ranjit Barot (Music).


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