The Pursuit of Happiness – An Entrepreneurs Journey to Spread Happiness

On World Happiness Day Shamsudheen Nellara has only one mission, to be a beacon of.

Heart Attack: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

ByDr. Ramesh NatarajanSenior ConsultantDepartment of CardiologyKIMSHEALTH Heart attack is defined as death of a portion.

Background Verification Goes hi-tech

The digital transformation across industries has only accelerated in the last 2 years owing to.

The Hopeful Reforms; Decriminalisation of Cheques & Amendments in Labour Law

By Adv Mehb NawasYab Legal GroupWith the change in the law on January 2 next.

Shipping Industry – Needs more Agility to Overcome the Current Challenges

By Rajiv TheodoreMaritime shipping has been one of the world’s oldest industries dating back to.

International Day of Radiology (IDoR) 2021

Dr. Pradeep. SConsultant RadiologistKIMSHEALTH(Former Vice President, National IRIA) The IDoR is an annual event promoting.

Brain Attack: Remember, Time is Brain and Minutes Can Save Lives

Dr Suresh Chandran CJ,Chief Coordinator, Department of NeurologyKIMSHEALTH A Stroke or Brain Attack occurs when.

Breast Cancer Awareness: Let us all Rise to the Occasion

Dr.Bharath Veerabadhran MConsultant, Surgical OncologyKIMSHEALTH Cancer Centre It is October and as most of us.

Importance of Trauma Awareness

ByDr Shameem KConsultant and CoordinatorEmergency MedicineKIMSHEALTH 17th October every year is observed as World Trauma.

Understanding Rheumatoid Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition which is characterized by inflammation of the joints. Rheumatoid arthritis is.