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Carrying Dead Body: Global Pravasi Association Welcomed Announcement of Budget

February 04, 2019

The president of Global Pravasi Association (GPA) Salam Pappinisheri and the members Adv.Rifai, Shani K shaji, Murali Puthiyaveetil, Vinod Kumar and Abhida Abdul Gafoor welcomed the new budget announcement on the expense of dead body of Keralities in abroad will be borne by NORKA.

This budget is the solving of the long term needs of the various associations and social workers to bear the expense of carrying dead body by the government. The airlines companies have been charging huge amount to carry the dead body of the expatriates to their home country, they were fixing the rate to dead body on the basis of weight of the dead body.

But the Air India has announced new united rate mode to the dead body as result of continued involvement of the volunteer organisations including GPA and social activists. ‘’The new budget makes happy among the Keralites in abroad and it is the result of hard work of the volunteer organisations and social activists, but this budget should not be just an announcement focusing the upcoming election, should not be a promise which remains in paper only, and the government should take the steps to implement this announcement’’ Salam Pappinisseri added.