Congress Bus Trip Destined to Fail, says KTR

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October 19, 2023

BRS working president and Minister KT Rama Rao on Thursday criticised the Congress party and its leaders for their lack of commitment to Telangana. He asserted that their bus trip to Telangana was destined for failure.

In a scathing attack on ‘X’, Rama Rao drew the stark contrast between the progressive State of Telangana under the BRS regime and the dismal conditions in Karnataka under the Congress rule. He said while Telangana had become synonymous with a golden era of welfare initiatives, Karnataka had become a symbol of a dark regime.

Rama Rao targeted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, demanding him to explain his silence on the delay in establishment of a tribal university in the State and failure to question the BJP government at the Centre for its failure to set up the Bayyaram steel factory. He asserted that Rahul Gandhi, who refrained from questioning the NDA government on promises made under the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, had no right to visit Telangana.

Comparing the performance of the two parties, the BRS working president highlighted the success of the BRS government in Telangana in fulfilling promises that were not even included in their election manifesto, while the Congress retracted from its electoral promises made to people of Karnataka in less than 100 days after forming the government. He criticised the Congress for being unable to provide even five hours of electricity to farmers in Karnataka, while in Telangana, the government revolutionised farming by supplying uninterrupted free electricity to farmers.

The IT and Industries Minister called out the Congress for dumping the people of Karnataka after elections and now enacting a new drama to seek votes in Telangana. He ridiculed the Congress leaders who were synonymous with corruption remarks, but were accusing the BRS of corruption and questioned the Congress harassing contractors for commissions in Karnataka.

He contrasted the Congress’s inaction on addressing Podu lands issues for decades against the proactive steps taken by the Telangana government to distribute 4.5 lakh acres of land, benefiting scores of tribals.

Rama Rao slammed the Congress for invoking the name of Srikant Achari, who sacrificed his life for the Telangana statehood cause, alleging that the party’s ten-year delay in the formation of Telangana resulted in the deaths of numerous youth of Telangana. He termed the Congress as the Telangana prime villain throughout the history and asserted that the people of Telangana would never trust the party which was the cause of their problems.

He said the countdown for the Congress in Telangana had begun ever since A Revanth Reddy was made TPCC chief. He likened Revanth Reddy to a vulture that flourished on land mafia and MLA ticket sales.

The BRS working president also rubbished Rahul Gandhi’s remarks on the BRS and stated that remote control of the Telangana government was firmly in the hands of the people, while the Congress’s Gandhi Bhavan was slipping away. “Everyone is aware how “10 Janpath” remotely controls the Congress leaders,” he remarked.

Rama Rao predicted that the people of Telangana would not trust the Congress leaders, notwithstanding the number of days they spent in the State. The Congress, with its history of failures, would never regain the people’s trust, he said.