DCB Zippi Online Fixed Deposit: A Smart Investment

The DCB Zippi Online Fixed Deposit is a one-of-its-kind facility that allows any resident Indian bank account holder open a fixed deposit with DCB Bank. This facility is contact-less and touch- less, which means anyone can open a Zippi FD online from the comfort and convenience their home.

The FD offers attractive interest rates, choose between regular DCB Zippi Online Fixed Deposit or opt for the benefit of free life insurance with DCB Zippi Online Suraksha Fixed Deposit (subject to terms and conditions). The regular Zippi FD allows the customer to select flexible tenure and interest payment options.

DCB Zippi Online Suraksha Fixed Deposit has two unique features, which make it a choice investment. First, consider the attractive fixed deposit interest rate for three years. Second, is the free life insurance cover to protect your family! The insurance cover is equal to the single DCB Zippi Suraksha Fixed Deposit amount subject to a ceiling of Fifty Lakh Rupees.

That means a single DCB Zippi Suraksha Fixed Deposit amount above Fifty Lakh Rupees is eligible for free life insurance cover of maximum Fifty Lakh Rupees. No life insurance premium is payable by the customer for this specific life insurance cover. No medical tests are required for the linked life insurance.

Individuals anywhere in India can invest in DCB Zippi Online Fixed Deposit without having to open a Savings Account with DCB Bank. Even better, creating a Zippi FD is completely contactless, no visit to a bank branch is needed. Covid-19 has made all of us very aware about social distancing and the bare minimum essential trips. DCB Zippi FD is designed for people who prefer to sit in the comfort of their homes. The online experience is friendly and simple.

Upon maturity of the DCB Zippi FD, the interest earned and principal amount are transferred to the customer’s savings account from which the principal or the original investment amount was received to make the Zippi FD. DCB Zippi FD customers can open, manage and close their FD accounts through their smartphones, tablets or desktop computers.

Praveen Kutty, Head – Retail and SME Banking, DCB Bank, said, “Customer delight is the main factor that guided the launch of DCB Zippi Online Fixed Deposit, which is very convenient to open and operate. The DCB Zippi has a strong technology framework that ensures a contact-less and touch-less interface between the bank and the depositor, thereby enhancing customer experience. DCB Zippi is ideal and practical for investment, more so with Covid19 measures in force, this requires no visit to any bank branch at all. The customer can make the deposit and manage the Zippi Online FD from home or office.”

One can invest as low as Rupees Ten Thousand up to Rupees Five Lakh in DCB Zippi Fixed Deposit, tenure ranges from 30 days to 5 years. The interest rate payable for the DCB Zippi FD varies with the duration. A customer can opt for quarterly compounding by reinvesting the interest or receive the interest earned amount on a monthly or quarterly basis. The interest rate for a three-year fixed deposit is 7.35% per annum*(as on 3 rd June 2020, interest rates are subject to change without prior notice). Using the automatic renewal option with DCB Zippi Fixed Deposit ensures that the money does not remain idle even for a single day.

To open a DCB Zippi Online Fixed Deposit instantly, follow these three simple steps:
1) Visit www.dcbbank.com, click on Zippi on the home page, and fill up the online application.
2) Transfer funds for deposit creation in a seamless manner through payment gateway. Or the user needs to be registered for online banking with their existing bank from which they transfer funds to DCB Zippi Online FD
3) Your DCB Zippi Online Fixed Deposit beings earning interest once your funds are received at DCB Bank.


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