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Five and Half Crore Sri Lankan Rupees as Compensation to a Sri Lankan National Victim in a Dubai Traffic Accident Case

August 23, 2021

In a Traffic Accident case, Dubai Court judged AED one million (approx 5 ½ crore Sri Lankan Rupees) to a Sri Lankan National Residing at Martiyamulla Walagedara Tharanga Dilrukshi (45 years) as compensation. The judgement in favour of Tharanga Dilrukshi was declared after a year long legal battle.
The unfortunate accident was on 24th of May 2020 at a zebra crossing under Bur Dubai Police station limit, while the victim was crossing the road, she was hit by a car driven by an Indian national. The traffic court judged against the driver and fined him AED 5000.

In this accident the victim had inflicted serious injuries and could not do anything without the support of others. In this condition, as she could not go for her work and could not lead a normal life, she approached the social worker and legal representative Salam Pappinissery to claim for compensation in the accident case. After understanding the seriousness of the situation, he provided his helping hand to proceed with a compensation case.

The victim was doing domestic works to feed his poor family back Sri Lanka and as she was unable to move without the help of others, the YAB Legal Group representative Salam Pappinissery provided his helping hand to take care of the victim and arranged funds for her repatriation to her home country and to pay the court fees and other expenses to file the compensation case.

As per the advise of Salam Pappinissery, the victim filed a civil case in Dubai court. The traffic accident compensation case was against the insurance company and driver who caused the accident.

The lawyers of Tharanga Dilrukshi – Advocate Younus Mohammed Al Blooshi, Advocate Mohammed Ibrahim Al Suwaidi, and Advocate Ruqiya Al Hashimi filed the case in the court with strong evidences including medical report, forensic report and other related documents.

The court accepted the case and verified the documents filed by the victim’s lawyers and heard the arguments of both parties and finally the court found out that the mistake was with the driver and so Tharanga Dilrukshi was eligible for compensation.

Based on the medical report submitted by the lawyers of Tharanga Dilrukshi and evaluating the injuries by the court, it judged AED1 million as compensation, as per the Article 26 of Traffic & Accident Law for the year 1995 to be paid to the victim Tharanga Dilrukshi and lawyer fees by the Insurance company.