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GPS Brookes Kochi Organizes Theory of Knowledge and Art Exhibitions

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March 07, 2024

KOCHI: The city’s first authorised IBDP school, GPS Brooke Kochi, organized the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and art exhibition at its Thiruvaniyoor campus.

Lakshmi Ramachandran, the advisor to the Chairman & the Board of Trustees inaugurated the exhibition on ‘Knowledge and the Knower’ as part of the Diploma Programme in the International Baccalaureate.

The TOK exhibition serves as a platform for students to showcase their understanding of the dynamic process of knowledge creation and validation, the socio-political, cultural and ethical forces that shape it and also the application of it and results thereof.

Students researched different perspectives of their chosen topic while reflecting on their personal experiences and biases to communicate their final viewpoints through journals, artifacts and multimedia.

Euphoria, the IB DP 2 art exhibition showcased the learning journey and personal growth through art of the Visual Arts students. The exhibition provided an opportunity for students to demonstrate their creativity, technical skills and conceptual thinking to a wider audience. The mixed media treatments, paintings and ceramic installations explored the themes of love, transformation and emotions across time, age and gender to present a narrative that was developmental in its approach. The artist’s interpretations of the blossoming of his mind, spirit and soul through the artwork were also evocative of the theme where the human psyche approaches a euphoric state with the freedom of artistic expression.