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Poster of “Taste of Mattool Season Three” Released

September 14, 2022

The brochure of the third cooking competition organized by Sharjah Mattool Association, “Taste of Mattool Season Three”, was released by the President of Mattool Association, Abdul Manaf Yab, CEO of Yab Legal Services, social worker and member of Loka Kerala Church, Salam Pappinissery. On October 1, the taste buds competition will be held at the Sharjah Indian Association. Matul Kootharma has prepared a festival in the kitchen for Malayalees who are getting tired of Onamunda.

Siraj Mahmood, General Secretary of Matul Association, Sameer Irumban, Organization Secretary, Shebir Matul, Executive Member, MK Naushad, Nisar Pannoor, Naushad Vadakara were present on the occasion.