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Shutters of Mullaperiyar, Cheruthoni dams Opened

In Kerala
November 18, 2021

Two shutters of Mullaperiyar dam and one of Cheruthoni dam here were opened on Thursday morning in view of heavy rainfall in the district.

Kerala Water Resources Minister Roshy Augustine, in his Facebook page, earlier in the morning had said that shutters of the two dams would be opened to maintain the water level there in view of heavy rains.

He said in his post that the water level in the Mullaperiyar reservoir had reached 141 feet.

Subsequently, two shutters of Mullaperiyar were opened by 40 centimetres by Tamil Nadu at 8 AM, the minister updated on his Facebook page.

Thereafter, at 10.00 AM, news channels showed the opening of the third shutter of the Cheruthoni dam.

The minister, in his post, had advised people living on both sides of the Periyar river to exercise caution.