Remove Trans-fatty Acids from Indian food by 2021 Itself

NEW DELHI: The government should revisit its 2022 deadline to eliminate artery-clogging trans-fatty acids from.

Experts Call for Stepping up Primary Healthcare to Tackle Hypertension in Telangana

HYDERABAD: With Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) emerging as a key area of concern, there is.

70-90% of Indians are Vitamin D Deficient

MUMBAI: A new study on Wednesday revealed that 70-90 per cent of Indians are Vitamin.

Spirulina, the Superfood for Blood Pressure and Hypertension

Spirulina, the superfood which can relax your arteries, lower blood pressure Suffering from hypertension? Take.

Youth Pose Great Threat Against Lifestyle Diseases

A great health threat is faced by the youth with improving economy and changing lifestyles. It.

Lifestyle Diseases due to Bad Food Habits

A great health threat is faced by the youth with improving economy and changing lifestyles..

Premium Indian Salt Brands Contain Cyanide Content

MUMBAI: Processed iodized salt sold by premium brands in India contains carcinogenic and other harmful.

Healthy Blood Vessels may Delay Cognitive Decline

High blood pressure may affect conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease by interfering with the Dbrain’s.

Experts Call for Collaborative Action for High BP Management and Elimination

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: As heart diseases caused by hypertension is on the increase in Kerala it is.

CMFRI Develops Nutraceutical from Seaweeds

KOCHI: The city-headquartered Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) on Tuesday came out with a.