High Prevalence of Hypertension in Telangana: Studies

HYDERABAD: Two recent and separate studies have found high prevalence of hypertension in Telangana among.

Low Income Countries facing Both Obesity, Malnutrition

  NEW YORK: Low-and middle-income countries have high levels of overweight and obesity along with.

63 per cent of Indian Executives are Overweight

NEW DELHI: A report on ”fitness levels of Corporate India by HealthifyMe health and fitness.

70-90% of Indians are Vitamin D Deficient

MUMBAI: A new study on Wednesday revealed that 70-90 per cent of Indians are Vitamin.

Eating Walnuts Daily Lowers Heart Disease Risk

NEW YORK: Eating a handful of walnuts daily may lower the risk of developing cardiovascular.

Obesity, Alcohol May up Breast Cancer Risk: Study

SYDNEY: Drinking one alcoholic drink daily as well as being overweight can increase the risk.

Prevention and Treatment of Liver Cirrhosis

By Dr V Anantha Narayanan, Retired Professor of Gastroenterology, Amritha Medical Institute, Kochi The liver.

Meal Plans only Work if you Stick to them and Exercise Regularly

For most people trying to lose weight, strict adherence to a meal plan is one.

Obesity Linked with Improved Survival in Pneumonia Patients

WASHINGTON: A study recently conducted found that Pneumonia patients who are obese and overweight are.

Obesity May Lower Your Chances of Conception

NEW DELHI: Obesity is a chronic medical condition characterized by too much body fat. According.