College Girl from SOS Children’s Villages of India Publishes Her Research Findings

GOA:Ch Grace Valentina, a student of M.Sc in Food Technology, from SOS Children’s Villages of.

Growth of Ayurveda Tourism

Global wellness tourism is a $640 billion industry that is expected to grow at an.

Veggies Can Prevent Heart Disease, Obesity in Men

Men, please take note. Consuming veggies including fruits such as apples, pears and green, leafy.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Announces Launch of Latest-in-class Diabetes Medicine

  KOCHI: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Glenmark), a research-led global integrated pharmaceutical company, today announced the launch of.

Scientists Develop Swallowable, Self-inflating Capsule to Facilitate Weight Loss

Scientists have developed a self-inflated capsule called EndoPil which helps in weight loss to tackle.

Spirulina, the Superfood Which Can Relax your Arteries, Lower Blood Pressure

Suffering from hypertension? Take heart, Italian researchers have identified Spirulina, a superfood made from algae,.

Nearly 800 Dietary Supplements Contained Unapproved Drug Ingredients

Nearly 800 dietary supplements sold over the counter from 2007 through 2016 contained unapproved drug.

Weight Loss Linked to Lower Breast Cancer Risk for Postmenopausal Women

In a study of postmenopausal women, participants who lost weight had a lower risk of.

The Benefits of MCT Oil

You may have heard of the many benefits of coconut oil, especially to your skin..

Meal Plans only Work if you Stick to them and Exercise Regularly

For most people trying to lose weight, strict adherence to a meal plan is one.