CUSAT Budget Envisages New Academic Initiatives

CUSAT will start two new schools and six research/study centres in the next financial year, as per the budget passed by the Syndicate of the University.

School of Integrated and School of vocational studies and skill development, and six research/study centres namely (1)Centre for comparative literature (Hindi dept.),(2) Centre for extension activities in Marine Science (School of Marine Sciences),(3) Centre for industrial research development and society engagement (School of Engineering), (4)Centre for alternative finance under Faculty of Social Sciences (5) Centre for accounting and finance (School of Management Studies) and (6)Centre for Library Technology and information Science (University Library) besides a microwave based drying and disinfecting processing unit attached to the department of electronics are the new additions.

The schools are intended for streamlining the ongoing integrated M.Sc courses in Science, the one proposed in Bio- science under School of Marine Sciences and the various vocational courses of the University. A new master’s programme in Library and Information science is also envisaged under the newly formed Centre for Library Technology and information Science.

The Budget proposed by Syndicate Member Dr. N. Chandramohanakumar, and approved by the Syndicate on 02.02.2019 envisages an enhancement of University Junior Research Fellowship from 12500 to 20000 and University Senior Research Fellowship from 15000 to 22500. CUSAT main budget shows a total (inclusive of non plan, including govt. grant) of Rs. 202.38 crores on the receipt side and Rs. 202.82 crores on the expenditure side, and a total plan fund of Rs. 121 crores on the receipt side and Rs. 40 crores on the expenditure side, thus totalling the budget provisions to 323.42 crores as receipt and 286.03 crores as expenditure, showing a surplus of 37.40 crores. In the self financing sector, the budget proposes 65.35 crores as receipt and 58.37 crores as expenditure thus arriving at a surplus figure of 6.46 crores.

The double entry accounting system (DEAS) and file flow management system(FFMS) will be implemented in the University from 01.04.2019.



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