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Codesap Technologies Extends Support to Kozhikode Schools Amid Nipah Outbreak

In Education
September 19, 2023

Kozhikode-Based Tech Company Offers Lifeline to Local Educational Institutions During Crisis. Codesap Technologies, a prominent technology company headquartered at Kozhikode Cyber Park, has launched a crucial initiative to assist local schools and educational institutions. The company is generously providing free access to their cutting-edge software Edusap, for a duration of one month.

The Nipah virus outbreak has sent shockwaves through Kozhikode district, affecting various aspects of daily life, with education being a prominent casualty. The disruption faced by schools in maintaining educational continuity during these challenging times has prompted Codesap Technologies to step forward with a practical and compassionate solution.

The Kozhikode-based startup has been in the forefront of the Edu-Tech industry of Kerala for the past 8 years, has committed to providing their product, Edusap, free of charge for one month to local schools and educational institutions. Edusap is an innovative edutech software that facilitates online classes, efficient student and teacher management, access to study materials, and seamless Zoom integration for live video classes.

Muhammed Rashid, CEO of Codesap Technologies, expressed the company’s dedication to supporting local educational institutions during this crisis, “Education is the cornerstone of our society, and we cannot let any obstacle hinder its progress. In these trying times, we want to ensure that schools have the tools they need to continue educating our future leaders.”

This gesture from Codesap Technologies reflects a shared commitment to community well-being and educational advancement. Schools and educational institutions in Kozhikode are encouraged to take advantage of this offer by reaching out to Codesap Technologies directly.