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ACC’s Lifesaving Water Project Transforms Dhakori Village’s Agriculture

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January 11, 2024

ACC, the cement and building material company of the diversified Adani Group, has achieved a milestone in its extensive community development efforts by effectively combating water scarcity in Dhakori village of Wani Taluka, Yavatmal District. ACC along with Adani Foundation has enabled sustainable irrigation solutions for the local farmers to improve the overall water conservation efforts in the region. Since lift irrigation schemes (LIS) are one of the most effective solution to provide water for drinking and irrigation, many places are adopting it to solve water crisis in the rural areas.

In fact, the feat that the Company achieved at Dhakori comes on the heels of successful completion of four LIS by ACC’s Chanda Cement Works in Usgaon and Paramdoh village over last five years. The LIS initiative undertaken in Dhakori village has not only been a success but has also significantly impacted over 100-acres of arable land. Before this initiative, the village which received an average annual rainfall of 911.34 mm, faced several challenges due to limited water conservation infrastructure. These challenges resulted in crop failures during the kharif season, creating employment challenges for the community.

ACC’s implementation of LIS in Dhakori village started with a rapid baseline survey to establish rapport with the primary stakeholders and necessary permissions were obtained for excavation work and electricity supply. The company also adopted advanced lift irrigation technology, which included a detailed GPS survey to determine the shortest path and static level difference. The pumping unit, supply pipeline, protection valves, and distribution lines in the field were all designed to ensure efficient water management and irrigation.

While the implementation of LIS has resulted in the irrigation of more than 100-acres of land, over 10 farming families in Dhakori village have directly benefited from this initiative. With the LIS in place, farmers are now able to cultivate a wider variety of crops including cotton, soyabean, red gram, gram (chana), and vegetables throughout the year.

Ajay Kapur, CEO, Cement Business, said. “The successful realization of the Lift Irrigation Scheme in Dhakori village fills us with a sense of accomplishment. This project not only tackles the urgent problem of water scarcity but also enhances the livelihoods of the farming families. The village community can depend on this scheme for assistance during emergencies. The evident improvements in crop diversity, quality, and income stand as proof of the transformative influence of accessible water. ACC’s support has played a crucial role in making water accessible to the Dhakori village community.”

Water availability stands as the paramount factor influencing the success of any water resource-centric project. Acknowledging its utmost importance, particularly in the context of diminishing groundwater levels that have adverse effects on ecosystems nationwide, ACC and Adani Foundation has embarked on various water resources projects as part of its CSR initiatives. It exemplifies their commitment to addressing critical issues like water scarcity and supporting sustainable development in the communities it operates.